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You can create an account in the usual way or during the order process, which you can request to be deleted at any time.

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Your basic name and email will be stored in your account. You’ll also find links to your orders and downloads which can be downloaded for at least 30 days after purchase. Our hope is to house your collected patterns for the lifetime of the account, though can’t guarantee it. We hope our website becomes an accessible library of your Cottontail & Whiskers patterns for as long as you want them. Your invoices will also be stored as download documents in your account.


After your order you may receive an invoice by email. This invoice is not a request for payment.

Payment methods

We use the following partners to provide secure off-site payment options from trusted global business’. We do not collect or store any payment information other than method. We use this to display on your invoice and also to protect you should a dispute arise. These payment providers are independent of Cottontail & Whiskers for your security and peace of mind

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You’ll find all the patterns you’ve purchased under “My Account – Downloads”.

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Your pattern documents will be kept available for a period after purchase and you can download them again as many times as required. Please make sure that the files are downloaded for safe keeping. Download links are guaranteed to be available for 30 days following your purchase. We hope to continue offering access to your purchased patterns for the life of your registration, though this isn’t guaranteed. Should you find a previously purchased pattern is no longer accessible, please contact us to update your access.

Understanding the patterns

The patterns contain instruction to make all parts of the creations photographed on the product pictures unless stated otherwise. If special materials are used, the patterns contain detailed instruction on their use. It is our hope that it is fun to follow the patterns and that you feel accomplished and content with the guidance and photographic tutorials. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are still misunderstandings within a pattern.

Printing your patterns

Because of Alibaba (Beijing; China) hosted websites who refuse to remove our copyright material, we have had to protect it. Our PDF patterns are watermarked and encrypted. They can be downloaded, saved, viewed and printed. Our PDF patterns cannot and should not be edited. This means that some software application which try to access the files will not be able to open or print them. This is usually an issue with an occasional Apple devices but can happen with any, including some printer software

Have you tried printing using with another app? The PDF file which you have downloaded is available on your device. It should be in your ‘Download’ folder and can be opened from there with your PDF reading software. The Chrome browser by Google is not known to have any problems downloading, opening and printing the PDF.


All Cottontail & Whiskers patterns are subject to copyright and are offered for private, personal use only. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Sharing Cottontail & Whiskers patterns

Cottontail & Whiskers patterns are designed, published and purchased for personal use only. You cannot sell Cottontail & Whiskers patterns or reproduce them without our consent. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Selling items made from Cottontail & Whiskers patterns

Cottontail & Whiskers patterns are subject to copyright. We are always delighted to see creations made from our original patterns. Check out our Review Gallery! It would be fantastic if you credited us when showing them off.

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